Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye

  Download – Never Say Goodbye Music & Lyrics © Lynda Barnes Lovett 2003, 2005   I never thought I’d fall in love at first sight That was for dreamers on a starry night. My heart told me when I looked into your eyes, I’d never say, “Goodbye.” When we’re alone and you reach for […]

Let Me Be Close

Download – Let Me Be Close Music & Lyrics © Lynda Barnes Lovett 2004 Let me be close to you; Share your dreams with me. Tell me your fears; What brings the tears to your eyes? Let me be close to you; Please don’t turn away. In the lonely night, If you want me to, […]

Opinions of Others

Download – Opinions of Others Words and Music © Lynda Barnes Lovett 2004 We’re wrong for each other, any fool could see. We belong with another, everyone agrees. I know our attraction doesn’t seem right for some, Because of reactions, when I say, “You’re the one”.  I’ve tried to forget my feelings for you, Each […]

Someone Who Matters

Download – Someone Who Matters Music & Lyrics © Lynda Barnes Lovett 2004 Coming undone  Living as one, Trying to fit-in some place. Drifting around, alone in the crowd, I need a smile from a friendly face. Stumbling through time, One step out of line Hoping my dreams fall in place. Counting the years, facing […]

Think of Us

Download – Think of Us Music and Lyrics © Lynda Barnes Lovett 2004    I wake up thinking Of what might have been If I’d met you now  Instead of then. My mind keeps sifting Through its memory To try and trace  The way we used to be. Do you ever think of us Before […]