1970-90 27Lynda Barnes¬†Lovett’s romantic ballads include: never say goodbye , think of us, let me be close, someone who matters and opinions of others. these ballads have been called “new old standards” and have been compared to the great ballads and romantic broadway show tunes from the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s with arrangements of live instruments that make them timely today. their haunting melodies and poignant lyrics are expressed within story lines of universal appeal and evoke the listeners’ most tender emotions. if loving feelings appeal to you, then so will these memorable songs.

Fans have said: “the lyrics say all the things i want for my own life and haven’t really found”; “your melodies carry each and every word straight to the heart of all emotional beings”; “i can’t stop singing and thinking about these songs”; “your music makes me feel so good’: “your music is divine, soulful, a gift from god.”

Her romantic ballads are here offered in a pop genre, in a caressing melange of muted strains; therein, her piano artistry predominates but is enriched by base, drums, strings and sometimes a guitar and a desultory background voices (sometimes hers) in soft harmony. while they are in a pop genre, they are clearly adaptable to any style which attempts to tell stories and share human emotions, such as those of country or blues.

In addition to writing her own ballads, she is recording some old standards, some of which have been added to a cd of ballads entitled “never say goodbye” which was recently released. you can listen to her recordings of old standards on the samples¬†page.”

If you want to pull your mind away from the violence in which the world is awash and simply reflect on “what life is really about”, then turn to the pop-classic, original music of lynda barnes lovett, and fill your mind with felicitous thoughts and loving feelings.