Q. How do i play the songs?
A. Click on the link and the song will begin in your computers configured mp3 player.
Some songs are longer than others and will take longer to load onto your computer. Please be patient; these are evolving technologies, and our technicians are doing their best to make this website a pleasant experience for you.

Q. How do i stop a song from playing?
A. Close your computers mp3 player.

Q. Where can i learn more about the songs and cd’s?
A. There are two types of songs offered: romantic ballads and party-rock
songs.  To hear the romantic ballads, go to romantic ballads. To hear the
party-rock songs, go to party songs. The songs can be purchased on
iTunes, CD Baby and a variety of other “Lynda Barnes Lovett” and those
sites should appear.

Q. Where can i learn about the songwriter/artist?
A. In her biography.