Party Songs

Lynda Barnes Lovett has written party songs “with a major attitude” which are guaranteed to have you and your friends laughing, dancing and singing along. Her album, “party with no fear”, sets the tone for any great party and provides a beautifully arranged variety of rock, blues, country and calypso sounds. The lyrics can be obtained at Free Lyrics. The girls love her song, “ don’t hold a grudge” , a proclamation of every woman’s party rules for her man — telling him how to act (and not to act) at a party, while she “dances on the table and swings from the lights”. “wino” jokingly encourages wine lovers to confess to being “winos”. “over-indulgence” gives partiers hilarious excuses to party, and “love my wine” unabashedly confesses the world’s (and the writer’s) love affair with wine. start listening and laughing right now. If you want to purchase the entire album, complete with 8-page foldout, photos, lyrics, etc., go to cd baby.